How to use our website

First you will need to create a account. Once activated and verified you will be able to upload and share your video. At this time we are just approving a 85MB maximum of a video, so please keep it short.

Later on in time we will raise the upload MB minimum. Or if you become a good video uploader and content we can unlock more MB for you.

Keep it simple and legal on all your videos. We will inspect and investigate any illegal activities. We will ban your IP for life if we find out you have broken our terms or services. We are here to work with you and become our friends and family members.

For now just register and activate your account. No spamming please or your accounts gets locked or removed. Go to the upload and sharing page and share or upload your videos. Please pick a good category relevant to your video. It is good to pick a good category so user’s can find your video pretty quick. SEO will be determined by good tags and video description, happy viewing and sharing!